Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Following on from yesterday's blog the above is also a painting of a tanker on the Jetty in the Milford Haven. It was a very large painting I did for a wall in the house. After a few years we felt like a change and I took it up the landfill. 

We were in the Principality Building Society yesterday and there was something of a wait as only one person was behind the counter. I sat down in a chair and Alex waited in the queue. A gentleman came in a queued behind Alex. When Alex finally got to the front and was done the man asked if I was next.

I said "No, I'm with my wife thank you." indicating Alex.

He said,"I'm sorry."

I said "You're sorry.."

That earned me a turn to stone look and a kick in the shins.

Today I have been working on a commission.

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