Friday, 14 November 2014

Caught in the rain

I have got on with painting this last week. I have pretty much finished one commission and reworked a painting I wasn't entirely happy with. The trouble with having a painting hanging around is occasionally you think oh I could have done that bit: better, different, lighter, darker...etc.
Not a problem if its not framed but if it is mounted, framed with backing board and taped.. its a bit of a pain and Alex isn't too pleased as she has to redo it. So I did reluctantly rework one painting this week and I will have to speak nicely to Alex to reframe it when its dry..

Anyway I did the painting above today I looked out of the window and thought ideal subject a couple walking in the rain on the beach.

(For some reason I am having problems with my facebook thumbnails some of which are blurry when shared from my blog. Havetried different sizes and resolutioin without any result any suggestions appreciated).

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