Monday, 17 November 2014

Fowler Ploughing Engine "Anne Hathaway".

I have always been interested in anything mechanical. Whatever it is I want to know how it works.
Steam trains, traction engines, turbines, motorcycles, cars, clocks watches. Of course as a slight down side on occasions when younger I took some things apart and failed to get them back together or found I had a few bits left over.

Later in life I taught myself basic engineering and made a number of things from, boilers to hot air engines and stationary engines. I now content myself with admiring them at shows etc or painting them. The one above is a Fowler Ploughing engine and is currently available.

This morning I was stewarding in Origin. I texted Alex to tell her I was with James a new member.

She later came into the gallery to relieve me and walked up to the counter said, "Hello James and introduced herself to the man standing there. He was quite surprised as he was a customer! Oh well.

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