Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Here comes the sun

Shown above are the first stages of the latest painting. Those that have followed me will know that I have a preference of just getting into a painting without drawing it out if I can. Occasionally I will do a careful drawing first but not that often. This method could be worrying if you don't have  a clear mental picture and a thought out plan. The painting is going to be of a sunrise at Port Eynon on the Gower. When we were there Jac and I got up early to watch it from its first glow on the horizon to morning light. Well to tell the truth Jac didn't pay it much attention he was too busy chasing seagulls!

Anyway when painting like this you have to consider which are going to be the dark areas and what colour palette you are using. (In the case of a sunrise using red yellow and blue can be problematic if not thought out beforehand. You don't want green in your sky!) 

So anyway there is the start. I will post the finished painting tomorrow, hopefully!

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