Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Barents Sea Tanker against Texaco in Milford Haven Refinery.

The painting above is of Barents Sea an oil tanker. The painting resides on my wall. There are a couple of reasons for posting it. One reason is it is shown against the refinery in The Milford Haven which is now unfortunately for the workers being closed down. The second is I have today finally given up and decided to sell our sailing gear. For some reason I had kept hold of our gear despite selling our yacht some 6 years ago. I have finally come to accept we won't be going to sea again. In a similar vein Alex is selling her leather jacket complete with fringes & badges from the 70's. (Alex is shown below sporting the jacket at the Elephant Ralley in 1975. I have no idea who the horned weirdo was. Alex does look a little uncomfortable though.)

Talking of Alex I made a blackberry and apple pie last night for dinner. We had half and this lunchtime I thought it would be good to finish it... but ...No Alex and Jac had got there first, just like Goldilocks!

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