Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mumbles Lighthouse - Bracelet Bay

I finished the above painting of the Lighthouse at Mumbles today. I recall the lighthouse was the last we saw of land when we sailed out of Swansea a few years ago. We had bought a new (new to us) yacht and were sailing it around to Milford Haven.

Referring to the log I can say.We got out in to Swansea Bay at 0920hrs and the fog rolled in. We continued on for 5hours before the fog lifted for a short period and we sighted land at 1630hrs.

By Crow Rock outside the Haven we went into another Fog Bank. We went in to the Haven using Radar with Tankers coming out of the Channel. We finally came in to Angle Bay at 1845 hrs to find our mooring Buoy had been stolen and all our mooring chain was on the bottom.

Unable to pick up our mooring we then headed up river to Lawrenny only find 6 inches of water in the cabin. After a few heart stopping moments we discovered a leak in the fresh water tank. The log refers to this as an eventful maiden voyage.

Anyway Bracelet Bay and the Lighthouse make for a good subject.

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