Friday, 25 July 2014

Walking the Dog

Its difficult to know whether we are a boarding kennels or a creche at times. During the Summer we tend to have someones dog or children with us most of the time. All part of being a grandparent apparently. Still it keeps us young!

Anyway its always nice to go for long walks with the dogs. I find the attitude to dogs and owners varies dramatically according to the local councils. With so many dog owners it is odd that many areas make visiting with a dog either impossible or at least very difficult. Some of the best places that are dog friendly that we go to are Cirencester  and Padstow.
In Cirencester dogs are generally welcomed in shops and pubs. There are also great areas for them to run in.
In Padstow there are no restrictions on dogs on the beach and yet they are as clean as they come.
The shop owners put drinking bowls outside and they are allowed in many pubs.
We have been to places that we have found to be not dog friendly and won't return there one area coming to mind is Woolacombe and Mortoe.

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