Monday, 14 July 2014

Cricket - Clevedon

The page out of my sketch book above is the scene of a cricket match in. Whilst we were in Clevedon at the weekend we took the grandchildren to the park. Unfortunately the dogs weren't allowed in the play area so I had to sit outside on a bench and watch the cricket while Alex went in to play with the children.

I have always had a soft spot for cricket although I concede it can be a bit like watching paint dry at times. My grandfather used to take me to Edgbaston to watch the cricket, and yes I should have been in school. I must have missed quite a bit of school during the Summer. (Funny these days how it is fine to have Inset days and strikes but if you take your child out of school for just one day you can risk being fined?). Anyway missin schul did me no arm.

Of course I also met Alex in Edgbaston Cricket Ground. So I was never any good at the game although I did make 20 once somehow.  Anyway I still enjoy watching the odd game. A village game of cricket is a bit unique and kind of quirky.

Link Roots Manuva bit repetitive but a good video for a minute or so.

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