Saturday, 12 July 2014

Llangenith Beach and surfers

Here is the second painting of Llangenith Beach on the Gower. (I did mangage to squeeze in time to do it while Alex and her mother took the grandchildren for a day trip toTescos). The first stage is shown below.

I drew the outline of Worms Head with a brush in burnt umber and roughly put in a few figures. I removed one figure in the foreground after I had drawn it in and subsequently added another figure talking to the surfer on the right. I then started putting in the sky with a large brush. It doesn't matter if you go over the skyline in fact it is better to go over the line than go short of it.

The next stage involved putting in Worms Head and the distant sea. I wanted one large breaking wave taking up a lot of the sea area. I then painted in the waves and figures adding the one I mentioned. Finally it was the foreground "Eh voila" as they say somewhere in the European Union.

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