Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Conversationally interesting

The above painting sold last week. We used to do a lot of sailing in and around this estuary. We had many exciting races in a dinghy with Alex at the helm. We sold the dinghy about 15 years ago although we continued to sail the Bristol Channel and coastal waters in our yacht until about 7 years ago.

One of the nice things about living in a small town is that you always bump into someone you know. I regulary see a gent who we knew from our dinghy sailing days. It is always something of an interesting experience. He is a lovely guy but like all of us who have less to go than have behind us his memory is not as reliable as it was ( I also count myself in this group).

A meeting can be interesting and challenging. Here are a few examples.

"Hi Mark did you go dinghy sailing at the weekend?"
"No,we sold the boat a few years back."
"Right so are you going out this weekend?"

"Hi Steve. (Steve who the hell is Steve?) How was the skiing?"
"Er (Do I tell him I'm not Steve or do I play along?) Yeh fine thanks.
"So where did you go?"
"Er (God I have never been skiing in my life) Valdisere (I am sure that is one place people go).
"What were the conditions like then?"
"Look I have to rush but great to see you again must go"

"Hi Mark are you still painting?"
"Hi, Yes keeping busy ( Phew this should be fine)
"So how is Ruth?"
(Ruth who the hell is Ruth?) "Yeah good."
"How long have you been married now?"
(This could be a disaster)
"Nearly forty years"
"Really, anyway give my love to Ruth."
(God I hope he doesn't meet Alex and call her Ruth.  How do I explain that?)


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