Thursday, 31 July 2014

Is it me?

When we were away in the Cotwolds we came across a couple of traction engines wandering down the road. I was really tempted to get Alex to stop but the road was narrow and it didn't seem practicable.  I really enjoy looking and sketching old engines and the characters about them. The one above is of a Lister stationary engine at a local show.

It is a hectic week I have finished one commission and am starting another, and have finished two paintings for the exhibition starting a week tomorrow. I have a piano lesson in a minute and then have to go out to deliver another painting. Plus we have 3 dogs at the moment to walk.

Anyway Alex went out a couple of days ago to meet our eldest granddaughter for "lunch" (read into that a days shopping).
She came home opened a carrier bag and said.
"You know I have been looking for a white cardigan for ages?"
"Err, Yes." (it's news to me actually)
"Well I got this in "Blossom" (or some such name) and produced a grey jacket!

Is it me?

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