Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Posh Punks

We recently spent a few days in the Cotswolds in the camper van. I didn't do any painting although I did do one sketch of the site on cheap cartridge paper. The weather was glorious and more importantly the schools hadn't broken up for the summer.

Most of the caravans and campers were spotless. So it was quite interesting to see a carvan being towed into a spot next to us by a battered and filthy Nissan. The caravan looked like it had been pre-owned by Greengrass off Heartbeat. It appeared to be covered in green flock wallpaper however on closer inspection it turned out covered in algea. Now was I being judgemental (whatever that means?). The answer is quite clearly yes.

The couple jumped out and unhitched the caravan and proceeded to throw out the contents of the van in a great hurry. Everything came out and was either thrown under the caravan or leant against it, bowls chairs, bags an old table... Within seconds I was transported back to Albert and Harold Steptoe's Scrap Yard. I was quite expecting to see Hercules the carthorse make an appearance.

The couple were exceedingly well spoken and educated. From their conversation I gathered they were off to some function and there was a great need to get changed and go. The man was dressed in old cargo trousers and white t-shirt with trainers. The lady was dressed in something similar.  Anyway quick as a flash they jumped into the caravan and like Mr Ben re-appeared changed for the off. The quick change had consisted of changing their t-shirts. When they had gone I was slightly disappointed for I had been kept entertained for about 10 minutes. I could see Alex was dying to get a bucket of water and clean their caravan.

Now was I being judgemental?  Should I care that they don't look after their things?

Judgemental def. "tending to judge people too quickly and critically, making moral judgments"

Well I will say that I judge people on their actions if I have to judge them at all. However your observations and experience can be good indicators of future behaviour. I don't care what clothes people wear or what colour their hair is and that includes my own children and grandchildren.

I care what kind of people they are.

So when they returned from their function at 12.30am I was awakened by the neighbours driving their car to the caravan (when there is a seperate carpark to use at night to avoid waking the whole site) I was less than impressed. I was even less impressed by the noise and loud talking that continued until they finally went to bed. I have to add that the second night the same thing happened. We didn't stay a third night.

I think initially I judged them too lightly as just lazy and untidy whereas in fact that they were thoughtless and didn't give a damn about anyone else. Posh Punks!

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