Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Train Journey

As you may be aware I was hospitalised a few weeks ago. In my semi conscious state on the first night I shared a ward with three other fellow sufferers of some malady. That first night I seemed to be on a train ride. I was suffering from delirium so I wasn't too sure at first. The night was punctuated with calls of station and then conversations with engine drivers and station masters. Both in Welsh and English. At one point the train broke down and another had to be sent up the line. It seems that one of my fellow patients had been a train guard and he was reliving some or one of his journeys. I was not fully concious but aware enough to finally work it out and listen with as much interest as I could muster at the time. The following night he had been moved so I didn't get a second journey. I am not sure what I would have been calling out probably best if I didn't know.
All my fellow patients were characters and maintained a sense of humour in difficult personal circumstances.

The painting above is of a Stanier on the line in Washwood Heath. I used to sit on the embankment with my brother and watch the trains go by when I was a boy. The spire of the Church is St Marks where my mother and father got married.

Link an old blues favourite

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