Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fast Bowler

One of the great memories of my childhood was being taken to the Edgbaston Cricket Ground with my grandfather. I enjoyed playing cricket as a lad but was never much good with the bat. I used to try and strike the cricket ball with every part of my body instead of the bat well that's how it seemed to me. I fancied myself as something of a fast bowler. I was tall and lanky so I could get the ball moving fast the major problem I had was that only one in six balls went anywhere near the wicket or batsman. Members of my own side were more likely to be hit by my bowling than the batsman.

Anyway I liked to go with my grandfather on the bus to watch the cricket. We would have sandwiches and I would be treated to a ginger beer. I also missed school which was a real added bonus.

I had quite a collection of autographs of the many cricketers both County and International Players and they were all pretty good and would stop and say a few words before signing your book. Like all schoolboys I had my heroes. Fiery Fred Truman was my idol. England's terror fast bowler.

I finally got the chance to ask him for his autograph and in fairness he did stop and say a few words.

"If you want my autograph buy my book!"

The chances of me a 7year old having enough money to buy his book were as remote as being hit by a sputnik.
I was deflated my big star had turned to dust. My new hero as I recall was Wes Hall or Sir Wesley Winfield Hall the Barbados fast bowler.

Anyway never let it be said I carry a grudge just that I have never forgotten my only encounter with Fred Truman even though it was well over 50 years ago!

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