Sunday, 15 September 2013


When I was at Aberglasney Exhibition a number of people commented about the above painting. I do not normally paint portraits of animals bit when I saw this dog I felt I had to do it. I took a series of photographs and did the painting at home. I work in many ways, sometimes from sketches alone, sometimes form photographic references (as in this instance) and sometimes en plein aire ( in the open straight from the subject).

Anyway the dog was sat outside a shop in Hay on Wye. I put the painting in the exhibition not because I expect it to sell but purely because it is a sympathetic subject. I was told this story by a couple who came to the exhibition from Hay on Wye. They told me:
The dog's name was "Molly" and belonged to the owner of the shop. She would sit outside the shop and was well known and loved by the people of the town. One day the owner of the shop decided to close the shop down. He left the dog in the care of the next door bookshop. The owner of the bookshop took care of Molly until she passed away.
I can't vouch for the accuracy of the story but it is clear that Molly was well loved and looked after.

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