Monday, 16 September 2013

Memories of the Bluebell

The other week I was watching Derek Brockway on the television walking along the Offa's Dike path. It was quite nostalgic as he was going through Montgomeryshire and visited places that brought back some good memories.

He went to the Bluebell Inn. 40 years ago it was run by Helen and Alice who had DS. They were lovely. Alice was great fun. Alex and I went there with our friends on many occasions. We were treated to real home cooking and plenty of it. They were long nights!

Derek also went onto Mongomery Castle the top of which is reached by a wooden bridge and you have spectacular views over the Severn Valley.  Alex and I went there with our sheepdog about 1975. He bounded over the walls and ran around having great fun until he came to the outside wall and we watched in horror as he bounded over  and disappeared. We knew he must be dead as it is a 60 foot drop to the ground below. We ran to the wall and looked over. He was running around below us. A visit to the vets confirmed he had somehow escaped with a few cuts. He lived another 13 years. I thought only cats had 9 lives.

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