Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Old Tree

The painting above of the Beacons sold a couple of weeks ago. I was taken by the old oak tree which dominates the scene against a glorious backdrop.
I have posted before about our neighbour Mr Davies. He owned smallholding which backed onto us.
He was an old bachelor who could most often be seen working with a scythe or spade. I would often pass the time of day with him and we would exchange tomato plants for apples.. He had a large apple tree that always bore a weight of fruit. Over the last 20 plus years it has always been full of blossom which turned into good eating apples. Early this year unfortunately Mr Davies passed away suddenly. The strange thing is that for the first time ever his large old apple tree hasn't got one apple on it!
I have to help Alex cut some large sheets of styrene this morning. I may start a new painting later.

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