Sunday, 22 July 2012

Escape to Victory

Now my son and family are away visiting the relatives in Ireland. So we are now looking after one labrador and the girls.
Yesterday Alex and I went to check them out and feed them. (Oh the girls are the hens, Marjorie, Bridgette..) We let them out of the pen and they are free to wander the back garden all day. Now when Alex went to put them away last night she discovered there had been a bit of an incident. I had apparently not shut the gate properly and the wind had blown it open. The girls had wandered through gate into the front garden and then onto the road. This is a residential area and the girls were wandering over front gardens and the road when a neighbour spotted them. Fortunately the good Samaritan  finally persuaded them all back home using lettuce leaves. Mea Culpa.
Today I have finished an oil painting and Alex is making cards. In the meantime Alex has taken a sudden interest in chickens and I am awaiting copies of Chicken monthly and Broilers in Bloom to start coming through the letter box.
Incidentally I heard form Donald Ayres the other day. He is a fine landscape artist who used to live around here in the 1970's and is now resident in Chesterfield.
Anyway a real appropriate link is "Aint nobody here but us chickens" the link is to Louis Jordans original  version although I prefer Lisa Stansfields super tribute..

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