Monday, 9 July 2012

Mae'n Dybynu

The sketch above is of Alex at the ships rail in Southampton. Normally in fact always when we went sailing 
Alex would helm. (ie. steer the boat). I was happy to navigate and helming generally prevented her from feeling seasick. However the captain of the Cruise ship declined Alex offer to helm his boat for him so here she was at the rail.
The most common question I get is, "How long did it take you to paint this picture?"
There is never a simple answer.Do you take into account the years of practice experience and mistakes?
Do you take in to account the preparation. Stretching paper or triple priming and sanding down boards.
Do you take in to account sketches and full size cartoons? I nearly always go through the mental process of painting the picture first to get the order and method of painting right before making a mark on the surface.
So the real answer is, it depends!  in Welsh Mae'n dybynu!

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