Friday, 27 July 2012


I did the watercolour of Durham Cathedral above when we were in the NE recently. I stood on the River Bridge and was accompanied by a very good busker playing songs by David Gray.
I was a little disappointed with Durham we hadn't been there for 30 plus years but I had recollections of classy shops and narrow streets with a large lawned area outside the Cathedral. The lawned area had marquee's on it presumably for some University event. That scotched any chance of a painting of the Cathedral up close. The narrow streets were there but the shops were chain stores found in any town with charity shops.(As an aside what Durham and the NE did have were Police Officers walking the streets a real rarity these days).
Alex is off to Padstow today for the weekend. Jac and I are staying to look after my mother but I hope to get some painting done. Another hole has been dug outside our house today.

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