Monday, 30 July 2012

Cruggleton Castle

The watercolour above is of Cruggleton Castle on the West Coast of Scotland. It was a lovley sunny day and we had a good 7 mile walk along the cliffs to get to it. There is not much left but it is in a spectacular situation perched on the cliffs overlooking the sea. I did the watercolour standing on the cliff path while Alex and Jac took a short breather.
I finished my large oil painting yesterday and expect to be starting a new one today. Today should be quite busy Alex is coming home this afternoon. I have walked the dog and cleaned the house now off to the gym do a bit of shopping, painting, walk the dog then we have a family dinner so happy birthday Norma.
The computer is really playing up now. I have had to coax it along the last year with bits of added memory, registry scans... I have made sure most of our work is backed up as the computer could breath its last anytime soon. It is about 7- 8 years old so its had a good run. (Having broadband that runs at the speed of dial up doesn't help either).

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