Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I did this little watercolour standing in front of Chirk Castle on one of those rare sunny days.
Talking of rare things we had a visit from the BT engineer today.

Now I am not one to complain. I have a fairly relaxed attitude on most things. However it is extremely inconvenient when your telephone is only working intermittently and with a loud background noise.

I reported the problem on 21st June and was pleased to be told it would be fixed by 5pm on 24th June. Of course it wasn't. Now BT have a team who keep you informed of progress. They are all very pleasant but unfortunately they rely on information from a pyschic or planet Zog. They probably know this but are too polite to say. Some 6 weeks later we have had 2 holes dug outside. The first hole turned out to be in the wrong place and no-one came to look at the second hole so it was filled up again. It was opened up again no-engineer came to peer into it so it was filled in again. An engineer turned up today who knew what he was talking about and found the second hole filled in but was also in the wrong place.They apparently have spent £1600 just paying for holes to be dug in the wrong place and now there is another one to be dug.

We await with baited breath but little hope or expectation of the phone being fixed before the next ice age.
Still on the bright side it keeps the phone bill down. Keep smiling, Alexander Graham Bell has a lot to answer for.
I finished another oil painting today and Alex has been framing.
Anyway the link is a track from the greatest album of all time hope you get the link

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