Thursday, 23 September 2010

Yin and Yan

The painting above is an Oil of Carreg Cennen Castle. I sold the painting last year to a gentleman I had never met before from Ammanford. The painting was in an exhibition and he didnt have his cheque book so I told him to take it and forward the money later. He took the painting and very promptly sent me a cheque.

Things like that go a long way to reinforce my positive view of people in general. I find that 99% of people are very genuine. Occasionally people do try it on. I once had a gentleman from the Netherlands wanting to buy a painting and arrange the shipping himself. It was an expensive scam which we fortunately didn't fall for.

Anyway today was a bit hit and miss I did a watercolour painting of Castell Carreg Cennen. I wet the paper and stretched it taping it to a board. I then dried it accidentally left a small section with water trapped under the paper. After painting the sky the trapped water soaked through and left 2 large cauliflower spoils which effectively ruined the painting.

In life you win some you lose some.

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