Sunday, 26 September 2010

Marie Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun

Day off today 2 of the grandchildren went home mid-morning, then visit my mom, then we went off to Tenby to watch our son in the Tenby Marathon. He did very well. I was worn out just watching the event. So not much done artwise. We did walk the dog on South Beach which was inspirational. The beach was wet and the reflections of the cliffs and hotels were magnificent. All being well tomorrow it will be an oil painting of Tenby.
My drawing above is of Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun an excellent French portrait artist whose work I very much admire. She had quite a life. She was great friends with Marie Antoinette and only escaped the French Revolution and guillotine by fleeing France. She fled to Italy and then settled in England for a short period and was a succesful artist at a time when there were very few female artists and virtually no succesful ones. She was obviously very charismatic but above all very talented producing delicately executed work which I find very pleasing.
Anyway tomorrow Tenby

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