Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The visit

The painting above is one I did of Tenby from South Beach yesterday.
We had a visitation today, one of our grandaughters arrived. She is actually very sweet but as with all young children ~busy. So while Alex was busy with our grandaughter I disappeared and did an oil painting. Needless to say I believe I had the better bargain.
I am definitely in an oil painting phase. I go through periods of painting either mainly in watercolours or mainly in oil paints. Although I nearly always use watercolours outside my finished paintings at the moment are mostly in oils.
Tomorrow I am painting in the gallery in Town for the first time in a month. I have been away and also the gallery has been closed for redecoration. So it will be a nice change to paint there. What I like is that I get to chat to the odd interested party. The light is nowhere near as good as at home but its fine for a few hours.
Having babysat all day and made a superb full dinner Alex is now busy framing a commission!

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