Monday, 20 September 2010

Llansteffan and Customs

The above painting is of Llansteffan it was a commission that we packed up and sent today. No matter how well you pack a painting there is always the chance it will be damaged in transit.
I mean this really was well packed. It will take longer to open it than I took to paint it -and that was long enough.
Alex framed the picture this morning and now has to put together paintings for the Small Picture Show. We took my mom to Fracture Clinic this morning so painting was out for today.
I also went to HM Customs and Revenue to pick up a tax form as I had been sent the wrong one typically I arrived at 4.35pm, and it shut at 4.30pm.
Grandchildren tomorrow and then I have a commission to start.
Alex is cooking dinner now so I think I'll join her in a pre dinner glass of something.

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