Sunday, 19 September 2010

High Cliffs and Low water

We spent 2 weeks in North Devon the Coastal scenes were spectacular. High cliffs with razor sharp edges. The down side to all this was that our many daily walks consisted of 2 steps down and 5 steps up. Also like many places these days the area was not dog friendly. The beach in Mortoe was a 2 mile walk but although there was never anybody on it dogs were banned. The next beach was Woolacombe 3 miles of lovely sand but the dog friendly bit was the far end so it was a good 9 mile round trip.
We also went to Coombe Martin No dogs were allowed on the beach at all and frankly there was nothing else there.
Despite the canine prejudice we had a good time and I got a lot of sketches done. I am not sure how many will make there way into a full blown painting but at least one or two.
I started my income tax returns today and alex is framing ready for the Small Picture Show in Brecon. So back to the accounts for now.

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