Sunday, 1 January 2017

Putting the World to Rights

I have never had a daily paper and probably a good thing too. I do occasionally read one if it is lying around and I am short of anything constructive to do. I do listen to the World Service in the morning and then  Radio Wales as I am getting up. If you were the worrying kind then reading the papers would probably not be a good idea. I did glance at them today and if you believe any of it:

We are going to have a polar plunge..
We are going to have nuclear war between North Korea and S. Korea plus USA
Planet X is going to destroy the Earth
There is going to be a movie of Brexit

Good job I am a sceptic. Oh and an optimist

The painting above sold I think? Anyway two ladies putting the world to rights. About time someone did. No New Years Resolutions.  I am a bit frayed around the edges today but not bad!

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