Saturday, 28 January 2017

A Day at the Museum

Now Alex is a natural with grandchildren, me not so much. I like them and am proud of them but until they are of an age where I can talk about Newtons Laws of Gravity they wear me out quickly.

The other day I was entrusted with one grandchild for an hour. What  to do with him. He is an awkward child because doesn't like to sit in front of the TV and is too young to play on a phone or ipad. No he likes to be busy.... He is actually a delight and we always get a warm greeting from him and he never stops asking questions... I am tired just writing this down thinking about it.

Anyway I thought I will take him to the Museum for an hour to kill time and I can show him the wonderful Edward Moreland Lewis paintings and discuss the composition with him. Perhaps that's a bit too ambitious for a four year old? Anyhow we got there and he was his usual buoyant self. Within seconds I was hurrying after him from room to room answering questions until he found a case that held his interest.

"Grandad look GUNS..."

" Ah yes now they are very dangerous and.."

Before I could go on he was off running to the next room where I heard the sound of clinking. I hurried in to find him tussling a full size model of a Roman Soldier in full armour. He was grappling a six foot spear from him. The Roman soldier was swaying and I had visions of explaining to his parents how I had let him be crushed by a Roman Soldier in full Battle dress. I stopped him and decided to go outside for a nature walk. Alex turned up about two hours later and relieved me.

Yes Grandchildren are Great but they can be quite tiring at my age. (Perhaps that is a bit understated).

As an aside the Carmarthen Museum is well worth a visit. It could really be marketed better. It is on a main road into town and has adequate parking. If it had a big sign saying "Visitor Centre" that would be a start. I know they have plans for it but it could really be a tourist attraction with a cafe, paid parking for the cycle trail...Anyway..

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