Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Family Portrait of childhood memories

I did the above painting quite a few years ago. It is a childhood memory of my family. I am the baby of the family shown with my mother, father sister and brother. I no longer have the painting but still retain those memories of playing cricket on the beach and long overnight drives in the old Lanchester car which my father kept going on bits from the scrapyard and pure genius.

The most knowledgeable person I have ever known now writes for a large newspaper and probably has the combined knowledge of the eggheads. The cleverest person I have known was my father. A quiet man but could make anything from literally anything. He made everything from our first TV to lathes metal cutting machines, electric organ, a boat and numerous other contraptions  ... all from old radio and rada bits or from a visit to the blacksmiths scrap box. His geenhouse which he built from scratch ran itself. All the plants were watered automatically powered by a large tank of water that started off as a massive commercial orange juice container.each trough always held the right amount of water. It worked on a system of gravity and syphons, tipping tays being filled by drips.

I have beeen working on a commission the last few days. It is a beach view of a family which is why I have posted the above painting today.  I can't post the commission because the buyer is going to give it as a surprise. Anyway its come on well.

It's St. Dwynwen's Day today so I would be remiss not to give my love to my good lady wife Alex.
 (I suppose I shoudl have got a card!).

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