Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Brecon Beacons from Brynych

I have had a bit of a job getting a decent  photograph of the above painting. The colours have not come out at all well and overall the painting is darker in the foreground than it really is. Still its the best I can do without wasting more time on it. Getting back to the painting it is from Brynych near Brecon. Much of the paint work is translucent although that doesn't show up much here.

When I have prints done I take the painting to be professionally photographed in a studio then colour matched before getting a draft. The equipment costs in excess of £60,000. It is a time consuming process and expensive (so we are careful in choosing to have any prints done) . So I suppose I shouldn't complain about the results with my Brownie Box camera. Anyway I finished the painting yesterday.

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