Thursday, 26 January 2017


The painting above is a winters morning in the Towy Valley.  It is sold. Don't be confused by the title this post is nothing to do with Artes Munde the contemporary art competition.

Yesterday morning Mal Pope played an Artie Shaw record on Radio Wales. It took me back over half a century. Artie Shaw was a big band leader who played the clarinet. My father was a big band fan who liked Artie Shaw, Benney Goodman, Duke Ellington and more. His records were all 78's but I knew most of them pretty well and played them on a wind up gramophone which our son still has.

My father played piano and clarinet by ear. He took his clarinet everywhere with him in his kit bag during the Second World War. Ah nostalgia (sounds like a medial condition, maybe it is).

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