Saturday, 31 January 2015


Jac and I have been out a couple of times today and we both agreed its not a time to be tardy. Rushing back to the warmth of the house yes we have got the heating on now. The scene above is quite appropriate.

I was listening to the radio the other day. The subject was bump parking, nudging someones bumper to make more space . Seemed a bit daft to me anyway it reminded me of a couple of stories I had been told . A PC in Welshpool was well known for his practical jokes. He wasn't young by any means and had been in the services during the war. At the time Officers used to park their cars in the grounds of the County Offices opposite. He had come to work and parked his car facing the car park railings.

He finished his shift and walked across in the dark jumped in his car put it into reverse but found it to be powerless. It didn't move. He floored it. This did the trick with a bang he shot backwards. Only his bumper remained firmly tied to the railings. He ran back into the police station in a temper to be greeted by mystified amusement. No no-one knew anything about it. Anyway by the following day he had re-attached his bumper and was in good spirits seeing the funny side of it. Of course no-one owned up.

Did he learn from this? No afterwards he was just the same practical joker he had ever been.

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