Friday, 9 January 2015

Three Cliffs Bay

I have sold most of the works of the Gower that I had tentatively done for my next exhibition so I am having to get some more done. I really like Three Cliffs and there are a good number of compositions I feel I should do. I have finished the painting above this week. It is a similar view to a previous work but this time I moved further back and have included both sides of the bay and the sand dunes.

I have previously mentioned that we have been plagued with nuisance sales calls for several years  and although at first I didn't let it worry me it had got to the stage where I was continually putting down my brush to answer the phone only to be greeted from the far side of the world with with,"Hello is that Mr Jones?" The final straw was last week.
"Is that Mr Jones?"
"No it is not Mr. Jones." To then be asked,
"Is that Mrs Jones?"
I have tried a call blocker before which unfortunately didn't work with our phones but I ordered a Call Saint £25 plus postage off Amazon. I blocked all 00 and 08 prefixed numbers, peace has returned and my blood pressure must have reduced as well. Money well spent.

Jac has a bad paw and today I took him to the vet. He was given an injection and I was given a box of medicine by the receptionist. She asked,
"Have you had this medicine before?"
I said, "No, and neither has Jac."

Not a glimmer, it fell on stony ground. Alex always says no-one understands my humour.

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