Saturday, 3 January 2015

B.A. and E. M. Lewis

This is not my painting, it is the work of B. A . Lewis (1857 -1946) or " Lewis the Gas" as he was known (yes he worked for the Gas company). He was a fine watercolourist although he is relatively unkown outside this area. He was the founder of the Carmarthen Sketch Club which is still active and exhibits annualy. His son was the impressionist Edward Moreland Lewis (1902 -1943) who died in North Africa during the War. Edward is quite well known although his works are very much undervalued at present.

I admire the works of both artists and I have in fact painted the scene above without realising it had been undertaken by Lewis the Gas a good many years before me. I did once suggest that the upstairs gallery in Origin, Carmarthen be named after either artist as a homage - mark of respect but the suggestion fell like a stone to the depths.

Anyway Carmarthen Museum has a few of their works and is well worth a visit in any case.

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