Monday, 5 January 2015

Boats in harbour

After Christmas Alex and I like to get away for a few days as a rule. This year it just hasn't happened as whatever days we look at we have some sort of commitment. So it may be just the odd day out in the camper.

Its quite nice to go to places out of season. No crowds and different light and weather conditions even if in the main I don't do moody skies.. Its not that I don't like them its just I find that bright sunlight and shadows tend to sell better. People admire the moody paintings but buy the bright sunny ones.

Nevertheless I enjoy sketching a good cloudy sky with a shaft of sunlight breaking on the sea...even if it will never make it as a full work. So a day trip to Saundersfoot, Cefn Sidan is on the cards.
The painting above is of boats in Saundersfoot harbour. As far as I recall I sent this one to the paint yard in the sky. I liked it as a painting but it is not a great marketable work appealing to a very niche market I guess. Now the grandchildren have arrived.

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