Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Generally it is very difficult for an artist to establish themselves. They either need to work at marketing themselves or have a huge stroke of luck. "Artists are," as a good  friend and person who promoted my work in the early days once said,"Ten a penny."  Yes there is a lot of competition for a very limited market. The public can afford to be choosy.

On a personal note I mainly make sales through personal contact i.e.  people who have seen or bought my work previously, or via the internet. My internet presence has been built up over the years through my website but more particularly through this blog. The views of images associated with both through google now exceed 800,000. Of course it is only a tiny percentage of people who follow up a view but it keeps me going.

I was asked the other day for permission to use my work in connection with a major festival being planned to go across Wales in 2016.  The painting above is one of the images that is to be used.
Today I am starting a new work.

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