Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Stradey Park

I am looking forward to Friday night. Scarlets are at home playing Edinburgh. Hopefully some good attacking rugby. The picture above is one I did of the Town Gate of Stradey Park, the old Llanelli and Scarlets ground.

I must have passed through this gate countless times. I was sad to see the place go and it is now a housing estate but I suppose we have to move with modern times and the facilities were a bit primitive.

I am not sure if I still have the painting. It was never put in a frame. So it probably ended up in much the same way as the subject. (No it didn't turn into a housing estate!)

I do have a mobile phone although I probably only use it once a week on average. I often forget to carry it with me and one of Alex's oft heard complaints is," I don't know why you have a mobile phone."

The other day she borrowed it when we were out and said." You haven't got the Internet on this."
I said, "Yes I get it at home."
She said. "You should get 3G or 4G when you are out."
I said ,"Well I never have."
She looked at me sadly went into settings and said," Perhaps if you turn it on!"
Ah well. To be honest why do I need to look at the Internet when I am out anyway?

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