Monday, 27 March 2017

Painting of Carmarthen Reservoir

Jac and I went around the Carmarthen Reservoirs this morning. He is having a bit of trouble with his one paw so I have been giving him a rest from the climb up through the woods. The painting above is of the bottom reservoir and is sold.

As we walked around I bumped into someone I knew and they told me they were off to London today for a conference which reminded me of a story I know I have told before but is worth repeating.

When I was in the police I was often sent to conferences. On one occasion I was a little delayed due to heavy traffic and arrived at this large hotel just as the conference was starting. I quietly went in and found a seat as the first speaker was commencing. I sat there for an hour or so until there was a short break. I then started chatting to the person next to me.

"I can't stand these conferences, just a waste of time and money."I said.
"Yes I totally agree with you." He replied.
"So where are you from?" I asked.
"South Western Region."

Slightly puzzled I looked at his badge. It was at this point I realised I was in the wrong place and had sat through over an hour of a conference being run by British Gas. It turned out the Police Conference was on the floor above. Speaks volumes doesn't it.

Today I am starting to add to an old painting. I did a family group a few years back and this group has a few additional members and I have been asked to add them to the painting.

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