Sunday, 5 March 2017

Morning Walk

There can be few things better to start the day than a walk overlooking the Towy Valley. This morning Jac and I stopped at our usual viewing point to pause, look and listen. The sun was warm on one side of my face while a cool breeze ran against the other. A woodpecker was still tapping in the wood we had walked through and a little flock (it was hardly a murmuration) of starlings flew low over the fields. Long shadows reached across the floor of the valley and I was thinking about a painting later. Then Jac got restless and started to pull on his lead, obviously breakfast was foremost in his mind now.

Life is not about things, possessions its about what you do with it. (Although I have some lovely things foremost my piano, one of the last British built pianos, a present from Mrs Cox). No what counts is the things you have done. Not just places visited or experiences. Nor just the pleasure my paintings have given to people. The important thing for me is, between us bringing up a family, watching them grow and flourish. Being considerate to others.

Now its Sunday morning and I must go and annoy the neighbours by practising my piano!

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