Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Painting workboats

The above watercolour is of an old harbour tug. We used to go to boat shows and exhibit paintings of work boats at one time. I have  always been interested in shipping and still have a number of these paintings on the wall in my own collection.  At that time we did a lot of sailing and sitting on the boat at anchor sketching was a good way to pass the time. We sold quite a few but it was however a very limited market.  Nowadays I still like to sit at a harbour and watch the boats but I rarely do a full painting of working boats.

I was very proud to see a video of one of our granddaughters singing for the Eistedffod. She clearly has musical talent taking after her mother.

I told her about the time I decided to join the school choir.
Joining the choir meant getting out of lessons. I went along and on my first meeting the teacher sat at the piano with us all around and stated playing something pretty dire like the "Ashgrove". Anyway I got stuck in.
A few bars into the piece the teacher stopped and said,"What is that awful noise?"
We then had to sing the piece individually.
When he got to me I had just started to sing when he said,"No you can't sing you are not going to be in the choir." At least he sugar coated it for me. So back to lessons and traumatised for life!

To be truthful I actually have no musical talent yet despite this I am still persevering with the piano much to the annoyance of the neighbours.

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