Saturday, 18 March 2017

Stationary Engine

We have our eldest grandson stopping with us a the  moment due to another inset day at his school.
Yesterday we took him to see Kong Skull Island which to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed.

I also looked out an old hot air engine in the workshop that I had made from scrap some 20 plus years ago. It was only a small one made from aluminium cast iron and brass. I thought I would show him  how it worked and the principles behind it. It was covered in "muck" and sawdust and really needed stripping down, cleaning and re-assembling. Anyway I gave it a go. It wanted to go but couldn't quite get into the rhythm.

Ah well learning "things don't always go to plan" is a lesson too.

The painting above reflects my interest in all types of machinery and is of two gents discussing the merits of a stationary engine.

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