Saturday, 25 February 2017


At the present Jac and I have the freedom to walk across the fields at the top of the Valley by us as the cattle are inside for winter. I have never really had an issue with cattle until a couple of years ago when as previously posted they took exception to Jac on two occasions. I generally have a chat to the farmer in the morning and he says we have until April when he expects the cattle to go out on the land again. So we are making the most of it then change our routine for the summer. I did the watercolour of Friesians a few years ago. 

Alex was like a Duracell Bunny yesterday mowing the lawns, gardening and staining the side table I had made. I commented on this and she said,

 " A woman's work is never done."

I replied,

 "No but at least you've done some of it." I then made myself scarce.

A day for rugby today. An epic win for Scarlets at Munster last night and a good result from the Wales under 20's. So I will be tucked up today in front of the TV this afternoon. 

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