Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I was talking to the farmer thsi morning and he is not likely to put the cattle out into the fields until April which is a relief for Jac and I. Having been chased twice by them 2 years ago we avoid them when possible. Odd really as I had no problems walking through them for 25 years. They seem to have taken a dislike to Jac, couldn't be me could it?  Anyway...

I am fond of many genre of music having seen manyof the greats from the 1970's including the Doors, Emmerson Lake and Palmer, Who, Moody Blues, Bob Dylan, T Rex, to Difters.... I also like some Classical music not so much the Romantic Composers such as Verdi or Wagner but more Mozart, and Haydyn.

The other day I decided to order a CD of Great Piano Concertos by Mozart. I was on the internet and was interupted by a call to breakfast. I later resumed the purchase online. A couple of days later Alex called me, the postman had been.

"I know you like Mozart but why have you bought two CDs exactly the same?" She queried looking at me sympathetically, "Bless, Trueni".

I had obviously already clicked the order and had then proceeded to repeat it when I went back to it.
Good job I wasn't ordering a car online! I am trying to work out which member of the family would like a Mozart CD for next Christmas. I am not even sure how many actually still have a CD player!

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