Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Break in the Clouds over Llansaint

The above is a watercolour of Llansaint a small village overlooking the estuaries of the Towy,Taf and Gwendraeth which flow into Carmarten Bay. The painting was done about 7 years ago and is sold.

This morning I went for my early walk with Jac to find empty polystyrene takeaway boxes and wrappers on the lane coming down Penlanffos. Not really surprising but a bit disappointing as it was only yesterday I had filled a black bin bag on the way home with all the rubbish in the hedges, Oh well "fromage frais" as Del Boy would say!

Its half term and children abound, its a grandson's birthday today so cakes and musical chairs are on the horizon. I shan't say what he had for his birthday (Alex hasn't told me what we bought him yet) but I was content with a penknife and some marbles at his age. Anyway Happy Birthday!

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