Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Builder's Tea

The above is a watercolour sketch I did of our sons dog. I really like using watercolours in this way freely, kind of a controlled accident that can never be repeated. Anyway..

I was going to start a painting today but the builder turned up. He is a great guy, clever turn his hand to most things and do a very good job. He is worth his weight in gold. He turns up when he says he will and always in an emergency. We value him. He is no longer taking on new clients as he has work forever if he wants it. I always spoil him, feed him and supply him with endless cups of tea.

 So today Alex had to go out. I proceeded to make tea at regular intervals and potter about, not really getting around to anything. He had finished by lunch time and went shortly after Alex arrived back. I made Alex a cup of tea at which point she looked at her tea which appeared to have yogurt bits floating on it, she then smelt the milk making a funny retching noise.

"Could you not see the milk is off?"

Err no but now you point it out..

I just kept thinking of the cups of Builder's Tea I had made...!

PS. If you read this Mike I hope you were okay.

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