Sunday, 11 September 2016

Study of Cattle

The watercolour above is a study of cattle in a field. I was helped by the feeder, but cattle are great to draw as they are slow plodding beasts and are happy to pose for a few minutes allowing you to get the shapes down. They are also iconic in our country side, well they are at the moment although there are  swathes of fields under arable crops with no sign of sheep or cattle in some areas of UK.

Yesterday I went to watch the rugby at the Parc, Carmarthen Quinns v Llanelli. A good game with plenty of running rugby.

Apparently fate has decided I am not to cut my hedges again this year. I had two hedge cutters a small Bosch  hand hedge cutter and a long reach cutter. The Bosch hedge cutter packed up this week and then a family member borrowed the other and now it won't cut anything. Oh well there is an up side to most things.

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