Saturday, 10 September 2016

Brecon and Monmouth Canal

I had a busy day yesterday. First I went to Cardiff to deliver a painting then I went blackberry picking with Jac. The Jam turned out fine.

I was then contacted by Natur Cymru magazine who wanted to use the above painting of Brecon and Monmouth Canal as a front cover for their autumn edition. (provided I can give them a good high resolution image). I tolled with my camera for an hour or so and think I have got what is needed.

I then made an apple pie from apples in the garden to go with Linguine Leek and blue cheese.

The other day Alex made spag. Bolognese. I finished all I could eat and then gave Jac a couple of mouthfulls off my fork. Our daughter then turned up to collect two wayward grandchildren. I went into the kitchen to see her tucking in to the spag. bol. Jac and I had left using the same fork.
I thought shall I tell her ? No best not.

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