Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bad Winter

Well they say its going to be a bad winter, well who knows but here is an atmospheric painting of a Stannier crossing the Bascule Bridge at Carmarthen. The painting is sold. I am tempted to do another version but who knows. I am looking at doing a few nocturnes now.

We have been away for a couple of weeks walking, reading and I did do a painting. I have managed at least a couple of paintings outside from nature every month this year so far. I must admit January and February were a bit challenging but it is all too easy to sit in a warm studio working from "references" making excuses not to take the easel outside. I have really enjoyed the difference being outside and think it has benefited my technique. (On the other hand I do occasionally think when I am cold and the easel is being blown over, "Why am I doing this?").

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