Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lift up Bridge

This is the lifting Bridge on the canal at Talybont on Usk. Although I have never been on this particular canal Alex has. She had a very eventful weekend with colleagues on a couple of barges when whe worked for Carmarthenshire Council. I say no more.

As a young boy I did travel most of the canal system as my father had converted an old ships lifeboat adding an Austin 8 engine. We had many adventures as at the time the canal system was in complete disrepair. There were even horse drawn barges still at work (for Birmingham Refuse Disposal). As I may have mentioned before I had a very lucky escape falling into a lock sluice which was open and was only pulled out by my father using a boat hook.

Anyway the canal makes for a good subject and I have done a few paintings and will probably do a few more.

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